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Customer Testimonials

We want to thank you and your team for providing support to us during a critical time in which we were unable to access TeamForge. We especially want to commend CollabNet employees, Orlando and Anna Malai – they were instrumental in getting us back up and running and appreciate all that they did to assist.

CollabNet's dedication to its customers is outstanding and should be recognized – Thank you!

- Cyndi Stegall, AnalyzeSoft

The folks I dealt with were great.

- Bob Kimble, Access Systems, Inc.

Well done!

- Hans Thelosen, NXP Semiconductors

Orlando Castro was great and resolved my problem. Good service from the tech. support staff.

- Anthony Dahlgren, True Value Company

Orlando was very help full in standing up our new site and getting all the data and settings moved over with very minimal down time.

- Eli Garcia, Northrop Grumman - Information Systems - Carson, CA

I have to say that Martin has always been helpful, informed, and patient in either explaining to me how things work or in actually getting them resolved to my satisfaction. Even though we communicate only by email, I know that when I send something to him, he will respond in a timely manner; I can rely on the fact that I will get an answer. It is rare to find such support these days, and I am greatly appreciate it.

- Heidi Mayerhofer, Deutsche Bank

I would like to thank Annamalai for his efforts starting starting from understanding the issue, working with SVN engineers on this and finding out the solution for this issue. It is our pleasure to have CollabNet for our support.

- Meru Jain, Hewitt Associates LLC

Orlando did a fantastic job of working through issues involved in upgrading our Development TeamForge server from 5.4 to 6.1, asking the right questions, and explaining what was happening as we went along. He was also willing to stick around and answer some questions unrelated to the specific case. So, I was really pleased all around: - the wait on the phone was not long. - Suresh got me to the appropriate person very quickly. - a WebEx was very quickly set up. - Orlando worked through the problems very proficiently and thoroughly.

- Mike Gardner, IT Architect Crown Castle USA, Inc.

Mary Gokoffski was very knowledgeable in the specific technical challenges we faced. She provided a web-ex to ensure proper understanding and knowledge transfer. When we hit areas where further investigation was required we explained that we needed a response within 10 days to meet our aggressive schedule...Mary responded within 24 hours. While CollabNet has a history of excellent customer support, this was even better than normal.

Thank you very much

- John J. Lysaght Jr, Barclay Card US

I would like to take some time and opportunity to appreciate Mani's help in supporting our CollabNet/Massfoge issues. He is very knowledgeable in CollabNet productions, pro-active on providing fixes and pretty good on communication on promised timelines. We truly appreciate his help, support and would like to continue work with him in future technical issues.

- Ravi Kommuri, State of Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services

It was a delight to work with Orlando Castro. His commanding knowledge of linux systems helped us tremendously in quicker rebuilds and testing the application right away. On those issues where he was not familiar he was very persistent in resolving them by contacting the right people. I appreciate all the help provided by him and his teammates in upgrading our product from 5.3 to 6.1.

Thanks again.

- Raj Subramanian, Epsilon